9 Best Massage Chairs – Optimum Buying Guide

Have you always wanted a personal masseuse that wouldn’t mind to put your body at ease and offer the ultimate relaxation anytime of the day? But, who has got the time to visit a massage parlor after the end of hectic and long day? This is exactly where a massage chair comes into the picture. Massages, as we all know can work wonders when it comes to relieving sports injuries, muscle pain, stress, and other types of ailments. Massage chairs offer similar benefits as any professional masseuse and that too from your own home. They are also easily accessible and highly affordable today. However, the task of buying the best massage chair can prove to be a stress inducing and highly intimidating task, which is quite ironic given the mere task of one is to offer relaxation and comfort. This happens because of the endless number of options, hefty price tags, dishonest reviews, and misleading advertisement.

This guide will cut through the confusion and offer you the necessary information regarding massage chairs

Buying Guide For Massage Chairs

There is a myriad of different types of massages that are available each one offering a specific benefit or a combination of a few. A massage chair is a pretty huge investment and you need to do some form of research before you begin.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Massage Chair:

Massage Chairs are available in a myriad of varieties and these are the things you have to consider before buying one.

  • Size and Weight:

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that massage chairs are larger in size than any regular sized chair and with additional features the size of the chair continues to increase further. You should check the dimensions of the chairs before placing an order. There are certain massage chairs that recline this means they will require more than usual space.

  • Massage Styles:

Before you make a decision, you must pay attention to the different types of massage styles incorporated in the chair. This will ensure that your preferences are met. Several massage chairs come with a variety of massage programs, nevertheless, you should be sure what is included.

  1. Tapping – It involves percussive movements on a regular basis on specific muscles. This is done to stimulate them. It mimics the way a massage therapist uses her/his fists to increase the blood flow.
  2. Kneading – It involves applying pressure in a slow and circular motion. This technique eases muscle pain and tightness
  3. Shiatsu – Here pressure is applied to the specific stress points in the body. It helps to reduce stress and restores energy flow.
  4. Rolling – In this form of massage rollers are used to provide pressure on specific parts of your body.
  5. Compression: Most massage chairs make the most of airbags that continuously inflate and deflate to offer pressure to the muscle groups and reduce tightness.
  6. Stretching – This type of muscle chair will enable you to stretch specific muscle groups. It proves useful after workouts.

The rollers in massage chairs can be basically of two configuration – one being the L-track where rollers are arranged to massage your hamstrings and glutes and the other where the S-track is arranged along the spine. Opt for an S-track if your have back pain whereas L-track is the suitable choice in case you experience soreness.

  • Features of the massage chairs:

Massage chairs vary from one another in the features that is included in them. You must be thorough with all the features present in them. It can be a possibility that a certain feature impresses you, but it will be futile to purchase one if you never use it.

  1. Reclining: Several massage chairs have an impressive feature to recline. This offers an extremely relaxing experience that is similar to lying flat on a massage table. Then there is a feature called zero gravity that is a NASA inspired position. It helps to distribute the weight evenly.
  2. Intensity Settings: The tolerance levels vary from one individual to another. The intensity level can be increased and decreased based on your preference.
  3. Auto Settings: There are several massage chairs that come with pre-installed different massage styles. Some offer full body massage while the others target specific body parts.
  4. Manual Settings: This will offer you with the ability to customize the massage experience and focus on specific parts of the body.
  5. Heat: There are a range of chairs available that offer heat therapy. This relaxes the muscles.
  6. Vibration: There are a few massage chairs that come with an exceptional feature – vibration. This is available in addition to rollers. They offer a relaxing sensation to the legs and glutes.
  7. Body scan technology: The next generation massage chairs that include high end body scan technology. It offers ultimate customized massages. Infrared sensors are used to read where your body comes in contact with the chair and the massages are entirely based on the type of your body.

Apart from this massage chairs come with Bluetooth speakers, remote control, MP3 players, and automatic shut off.

  • Body Coverage:

There are a variety of massage chairs that will primarily focus on your back while there are others that deliver full body massage. In case you have been suffering from neck and back pain – the traditional chairs are best suited for you. If you are on your feet for the majority of the day then pick a chair that targets on these regions. There are massage chairs that target the muscles on either side of your head and relieve you of stress.

Choose The Best Massage Chair Based on Your Needs and Preferences:

We have lined up the best massage chair reviews for you to choose from. Check out the detailed list to make an informed decision.

1. Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Heat and Foot Rollers

Best massage chair

This is an off-brand massage chair that is inexpensive yet constitutes several impressive features. In case you are in search of a bargain priced massage chair then this is probably the one you should go with. The chair lacks both the L-track as well as the S-track. This means it has absolutely no rollers. The massage is offered by the eight zones that comprise of fixed Shiatsu massage heads that is mounted on top of a fixed frame. Upon activation, the heads start to move and receives the massage. Though there is a lack of massage track there is a zero-gravity seating. This enhances the massage experience, but the massage heads remain stationary. It comes with pre-programmed (four of them) massages which are subjected to minor variation in intensity and speed.


  • Zero gravity seating
  • Impressive air massage
  • Outstanding features at low cost.


  • There are no actual massage rollers it tracks.
  • No multiple massage techniques
  • No advanced controls
  • No MP3

Verdict: This can be your go to choice based on what you’re looking for in a massage chair. It is a decent chair at an affordable rate if you can overlook the missing features.

2. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300

massage chairs

If you are not ready to spend a fortune on massage chairs this is definitely worthy of your choice. It has got some stunning features at an impressive price tag. This chair is specifically designed for those who are tall and are constantly vexed by the available massage chairs. It has a unique S as well L track design for comforting the spinal cord. The massage delivered doesn’t end  at the tailbone, it extends another 15 inches. Users enjoy the ideal zero gravity seating. When extended fully it occupies only 5inches. There is a yoga stretching auto program pre-installed in the chair. Apart from that there is an automated athlete program, relaxation program, and comes with easy remote control.


  • Top performance and superior massage chair
  • It is customized based on the size and body type of people
  • Impressive features
  • Several auto programs
  • Relieves chronic pain


  • Slightly expensive than the other models
  • Lack of 3D massaging options
  • No rollers for calf muscles
  • No built in speakers

Verdict: This is definitely worth your money and several impressive features. The options available offer an improved customized experience. It is the best choice for tall people.

3. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy

Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is truly one of the best massage chairs that is brimming with outstanding features. From chronic pain sufferers to casual users – everybody will adore the features of this chair. It not only has a budget friendly price tag but also comprises of several amazing features. The chair has a hybrid track design that comprises of both H-track and L-track. From massaging the glutes and thighs to the curvature of your spine – it will do it all. It comes with a space saving design and zero gravity seating. You will be amazed to know it has 3D body scanning technology. There are plenty of massaging techniques available as well.


  • Fantastic customization options.
  • A lot of effort went into the designing of the chair
  • Comparatively low price based on the array of features.


  • Massage timer can’t be altered
  • Lack of MP3 player

Verdict: This chair is truly an amazing choice for those who are dealing with chronic pain. It offers a wide range of benefits (therapeutic) at a fair price. The Recliner LM6800 is the best chair in this price range.

4. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating

best Shiatsu Massage Chair

It arrives with pre-set automatic massage programs. There are four different types of massage settings that are available. Each program delivers the ultimate level of refreshment and relaxation and also supports extended recovery sessions. To offer maximum comfort it comes with 30 inbuilt airbags. It works flawlessly under the massage program. The advanced technology used amplifies the features of the roller system that relaxes and comforts the neck and move all the way towards the buttocks while massaging the spine. Users experience professional massage therapy with the uniquely placed massage heads. This helps to eradicate stress. There are also transmitters for heat, and it is extremely easy to use.


  • Optimum recovery and rejuvenation are offered by the Kneading massage effect.
  • Comes with extendable footrest
  • Airbag massage technology is built directly into the armrest
  • Premium quality leather is used


  • It weighs a lot.
  • Customized massage programs are available
  • No Bluetooth connection

Verdict:  If you are fine with the cons of this massaging chair it is definitely a go to option.

5. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System

best Massage Chair

This is an entry level massage chair that has quite a few impressive features in comparison to the mainstream products. It offers a great S/L Hybrid Track Design. This follows the natural curvature of the spine while extending the massage down towards the thighs and glutes. You will be surprised to know that the chair comes with a 3D Body scan. The third pleasant feature is the zero-gravity seating. Today’s current market lacks deep tissue massage chairs like this one.


  • Simple to operate
  • Offers foot and calf massage
  • Can be extended
  • Comes with back heat and air massage mode
  • It can relax, rejuvenate, and stretch your muscles.


  • It is an off-brand model
  • It doesn’t feature Shiatsu
  • Foot massage isn’t outstandingly implemented
  • No MP3

Verdict: Experts are truly thrilled about this product. It is one of the best choices if you wish for an off-brand product. If you suffer from chronic pain or are a hobbyist user – this isn’t a bad choice.

6. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Yoga Stretch, Rocking Function, Bluetooth

Massage Chairs review

The FDA approved massage chair features S-Track roller design. This offers relaxation to your upper hamstrings or glutes along with an impressive back massage. The ergonomic design of the chair is further enhanced with the robot 3D hands. It delivers thorough relaxation and comes with 12 options. From Chinese acupressure to a variety of 6 different built in modes – there are a lot of varieties available. It has a zero-gravity design and delivers outstanding airbag massage for your shoulders and feet. Bluetooth audio play is included.


  • Thai stretch
  • Foot massage
  • Built in vibration and heater
  • Music system


  • Short track design
  • Not suitable for users above 6’1″ height.

Verdict: One of the best massage chairs for relaxation that delivers firm body stretch.

7. BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Foot Roller Air Massage System LSS-Track Stretch Vibrating Audio for Home Office


Experience a quiet and relaxing massage with this chair. The presence of the 47 inches LSS Track design is of massive importance and the rollers smoothly glides from the neck all the way under the seat. This new technology provides full body massage. 32 airbags are strategically placed to massage the shoulders, hips, calves, thighs, feet, and arms. There is a foot roller that soothes the heel and the sole of your feet. 5 pre-installed massage programs, 6 different massage mode, and Bluetooth speaker is present.


  • Improved two hand controller for better operation
  • Zero gravity position
  • Built-in body scanners for improved massage therapy
  • Space saving technology


  • No heating function is available
  • It is extremely expensive

Verdict: If you choose this massage chair you will receive impressive features at a high price. .

8. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300S

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

It comes with an advanced S/L Roller Track design with deeper zero gravity seating. The ergonomically designed chair comes with heating therapy, longer operation time, Bluetooth app controller, and premium quality speakers.


  • Can perfectly accommodate wider and taller size users.
  • Offers foot and calf massage
  • Auto body scan is available
  • Several pre-installed programs for users to enjoy


  • Pricey.

Verdict: This is truly an amazing investment that comes with outstanding features. It is the most comfortable massage chair with an ergonomic design.

9. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Therapy Warm Massaging Rollers Air Pressure Massage L-Track Stretch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charger

Shiatsu Massage Chair review

The chair comes with an L track design that comforts the user all the way through. There are 7 different massage modes along with strategically placed airbags that are located in the calves, thighs, and buttocks. The strain you feel will be minimized with the zero-gravity design of the chair. It fully supports the lumbar, neck, and back while minimizing the strain caused to the vertebrae.


  • Comes with USB charge
  • Bluetooth speaker is available
  • Heat therapy is available
  • Supports different body types and sizes
  • Different massage programs are installed.


  • No such cons are found.

Verdict: There are only happy reviews about this product which means it is one of the best massage chairs available in the market.

This is the complete guide on the best massage chairs. Happy Shopping!